28 July 2011

On Those We Stand

When looking around where we are right now, it remains important to recognize that we stand on the shoulders of those that went before us. It is the permeating respect for ancestors, recognizing their lasting-presence as is being exercised in our rural environment, which reminds me daily of this universal truth. Those before us sculptured us, incubated our life, taught us language, and provided us a heritage to work with. We are who we are today, also because of them.

The prime cross cultural teaching method and the prime way of education in our environment is storytelling. It transfers memes of our great leaders, from history. Our collective and individual memory is thus full of tales and guidance provided by these persons. Frequent revisiting this guidance, also with respect to current developments and progressing knowledge, unearths grounded view points, and fuels sustainable innovation.

We better take heed and recognize this guidance, as it can provide valuable insights for our future efforts embedded in principled stewardship.