18 July 2011

Communocentric Culture

What about environments where we search for common values, where service is the fundamental quality of leadership, where tolerance in diversity is the norm, where sufficient consensus is the aim, were empathy and compassionate inclusiveness colours human interaction, and where contradictions are embraced? Where 'we' goes before 'I', where the community is the soil in which outcomes germinate, where history and its heritage is the fertilizer for future development? A society pragmatic yet idealistic, introspectively humble, compassionate and empathetic, embedded in kinship.

In Macha, we are members, live with paradoxes, reason with fear, empathize through non-rational instinct, frown at insisting self-interest, we share, arbitrate, reconcile, have compassion, come out together, and use problem-solving to build relationships.

Actually, these are virtues of Ubuntu-thinking, a hermeneutical approach and African receipt for co-existential collaboration, engendering of trust, and teamly co-creation.