16 September 2011

Internal Drive

Disempowered communities are commonly deprived of means of production. Without power no engines run to multiply mussels, without communications there is no amplification of intent, without transport cooperation and teaming up is thwarted. And without access to other enablers like capital or knowledge, what would anybody do? It is no wonder that persons in dis-empowered communities focus on immediate needs, for immediate livelihood, and react to the here-and-now in concrete, tangible and pressing tasks at hand.

Appropriate interaction within the mix of context and history enshrined in local culture leads to interaction with the inner self of people. A context and culture with sense of solidarity, subordination of economics to human needs, a focus on human relations, and a sense of security. Such is fundamentally different then contemporary western context and culture formed through Greek philosophy, renaissance and reformation.

Let’s aim to embrace the local context and culture and find ways to grow talents' internal drive that reaches out beyond the immediate, harnesses intelligence, initiatives and responsibility to benefit the local community and beyond.