17 June 2011

Rural Africa's Rhythm sustains Progress

The solidity of every day life in rural Africa never seizes to impress me. The strength to stand tall amidst tidal waves of difficulties, enshrined in the collective search for wise guidance in situations of change, humbles me each day.

It is the strength of rhythm, the tuning into local culture, which sustains balance. The sense of belonging aids in finding equilibrium, time and again.

Daily I am taught in the rewards reaped from honoring birthed connections with one's family, the community, the nation, the continent, and humanity at large. In such environment ethical behavior is defined and regulated, and works measured and evaluated.

Human values as love, solidarity, and empathy fuel caring for the other, the environment, and ecology. This yields balance in expressions of humanness, also in music, poetry, dance, and sports.

In such solid basis, change only occur when roots go deep, like well grounded, slow maturing hard woods. Then change will allow for fair play, and sustains courage in times of difficulties. Then change will last. Of course, no quick results, nor short lived fruits.

Change in rural Africa can and will sustain change in towns, change in country, change in continent, and change in humanity.