03 June 2011

Respectfully Yours

Everyday I am thrilled to be able to interact with people in rural areas, to witness characteristics of individuals and communities, and see rural leaders and members wielding their power of choice.

How valuable people and rural areas are! What a privileged times, in which we are connected, together focussing on inspiring each other to reach our common and individual potential.

I am thankful for the local communities to open their societies, and provide welcome to me and my family. I am grateful for the national leadership for permission and guidance, to associate and live. It is instructive to live up close and see structures of leadership - how chiefs and headman work in governing their subjects – and to appreciate the complexity of tasks at hand in national government.

I am humbled by the support provided by many, often from far away. I recognize the sacrifices, made by individuals and associations, to support rural communities and people they do not even know.

I thank all persons in authority – local, regional and national civil and social leadership - and numerous partners, for abundant blessings, and for allowing us to partake in rural life, which is life to the fullest!