28 January 2011

Demand Driven Solutions

Many well intended solutions are showered benevolently upon communities in which I roam. Upon implementation, these solutions often end up dormant and discarded. Although from certain perspectives these solutions did seem to make sense, locally they have an extraterrestrial ring to them as tangible representation of mismatch emerging from prevailing deconstructively dealings with 'the What' in contrast with local demands holistically expressed through 'the Who'. It appears that often stuff (= what) are put into communities without thorough consideration of people (= who) aspects.

A prerequisite for a solution is a demand. Thus prerequisite for implementation of a solution is a satisfying answer on the question "Whom is asking?". Without real expression of local demand there is only shaky ground for implementation of local solutions. A-person-or-community-asking is necessary infrastructure over which solutions, including resource alleviations, can be rolled in. Possibly only those whom ask - whom express demand - have the initial capacity to recognize an intervention as a solution. When no-one expresses the local demand, no-one recognizes the local solution.

A multidimensional balance is involved, including aspects like exposure, anticipation, communication, equality, relationship, freedom, and more. Also, involvement of all stakeholders, leadership of the person-or-community-asking, sustainable use and growth of existing resources, and strengthening of already existing capacity are part of the mix. Implementing solutions involves piecemeal expansion of the local resource base, aimed to grow capacity and capability, also in preparation for local demands and their local solutions that will inevitably follow.

Although time is runs fast, it is still one-step-at-a-time, with cooperation, collaboration, in unity. Thus our focus on (local) demand driven solutions.