15 January 2011

Awe-struck, Jaw-dropping Wonder

Today I saw a grandmother wheelying her handicapped grandson in a broken wheelchair through slush and mud to the Kids-club in the Care House. Purposefully. I saw a list with tens of volunteers from the Macha community noting their willingness to assist in keeping the transitional care flowing, with nobody asking anything in return. I went through the community and saw people palavering with other people, nodding, often with displaying smiles on their faces. I heard of equipment being blown up by lightening and electricity surges, and saw concerned engineers wondering about how to help people going without service. I heard of ideas and plans how to alleviate difficulties. I heard a call from exotic birds. While standing outside I heard the rain approaching. I heard nice words spoken by many, and saw most people trying their level best to bring out the best from themselves to serve others. I used four different computers linked to the Internet, I communicated from the rural African bush with peers around the world via various means of media. I saw a photographer taking pictures with a digital camera, documenting what is happening.

Wow, and we are not even halfway through this day. When news papers would report on all positive news, they would be too thick to read.

Each day is worth living, a memory to cherish. A Wonder.