30 October 2008


Arriving back in Macha, it is all hot. The temperatures are high - over 40 degrees these days -, my family is hot - their love by far the hottest thing existing, Ubuntu Campus is hot - with a great new large jungle gym, and the thoughts are hot - how to deal with it all: it is all boiling.

It was good to be in the USA for two weeks, for the first time after 5 years. The West is an important world player and seemingly dictates a lot of priorities in the world. I noticed a lot less 'explicit grandness' in the US compared to previous visits. The cars are of lesser size, and advertisements feature less 'I am #1'. Still lots of vogues and the latest 'cool thing'. Reviewing the content of this site on 'stuff', which link was sent to me today, put that in a rather bleak perspective.

It is good to be back in at home, in Macha. Heartwarmingly, a number of persons visited our house to welcome us back home today. When looking around it is obvious: some of the answers of the problems of the world are here to learn, right at our rural African doorstep. The value of relationships, the value of sustainable progress that benefits all, the value of lessens learned through history, the value of not giving up and persisting in face of whatever adversity, and the value of sheer enjoyment of life.

It is wonderful that many people I met in Washington, New York, Boston, Norfolk, Santa Barbara and LA, resonate and confirm this insight. Hopefully that offsets the CO2 added to the admosphere due to my resent journey. Now it is important to continue forward, and expand our community, so there will be true, continuous and inclusive collaboration all over the world, that will be cool! (eh.. it is a hot item)