25 October 2008

California USA

It is amazing that anyone even lives here! Even during the landing the place looks like a desert, but still, more then 30 million people around Los Angeles, presumably not worried about 'The Big One' (The earthquake). Well, I must say, the weather is nice! Thus it is understood that everybody appears to be ready for the beach.. The campus of the University of California, SB, is right at it. The percentage of flip-flop wearers in CA must be higher then in our rural village of Macha! 

The University of California, Santa Barbara campus is blessed. Next to the beach are about 20,000 students busy with gaining knowledge. On their trendy bicycles with large handle bars and thick tires they ride around a beautiful campus. Prestigious speakers, wide range 
of subjects, and liberal thinking blend. I attended a class again, now on network security, and was asked to present on LinkNet developments at Macha. Thanks to David Johnson and his family whom hosted me during this time. He is committed to bring the mesh developments 'two steps further', and does so in view of developments towards PhD. Certainly an other partner in the work with UNZA towards MSc in ICT4P.

Today I traveled back by AirBus (a bus from Goleta/Santa Barbara) to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), where the driver pointed out all remarkabilities of the area. 'Famous' places like Malibu, and the house of this person and that person, and crazy amounts of 'this house costs $ 42 mln - from Cher - and this house is on the market for over $ 50 mln. I would not want to live in those houses, having route 101 in my back yard! Dolphins in the water, that was the most remarkable and amazing sight you me.

In Los Angeles I had a nice meeting with FourSquare Foundation @ Sunset Boulevard. After the meeting, testing and tasting that I had no clue where to stay, they they offered me a stay in a very nice apartment. Tomorrow BarCamp and maybe even CodeCamp, and dinner with friends whom visited us in Macha. It is all a confusing mix in my head now about the a-synchronic situation of rural Africa and urban USA.