23 December 2010

Strengthen Those That Drive Progress

The 20/60/20-rule talks about performance. This rule-of-thumb predicts that within a community 20% of people will show strong performance, 60% perform on average, and 20% of the persons will show weak performance. Thus 20% drive forward, 60% coast, and 20% slow down progress.

As technology in essence amplifies human intent and capacity, it is imperative to focus on the first 20% group: empowering those whom drive progress. Hence our focus on Local Talent, whom almost per definition roam that category. By supporting such persons one anticipates that the environment change to 30/60/10, as average performers get inspired and energized, and weak performers improve.

Thus, when resources are limited, non-discriminatory role out of technology, including Information and Communications Technology is not the way to go. One needs to carefully look which communities show healthy and positive intentions, vision and real collaboration, with capable persons committed to their environment, and support that local vision with technology. In Macha it has been shown that such contributes to rural communities and its people reaching their collective and individual potential.