08 June 2010

Visionary Drive

Engaging with people and institutions in resource limited environments is engaging with groups of people in their collective decision making process. It is in the group interactions, equally on the local, regional, national, international, and various institutional levels, where the authorities, rights vested on the individual or a group of people, and formulation and application of policies are being expressed and tested. Thus the necessity to spend significant amount of time to understand the environment and its drivers resulting in a rationale for behavior, and understanding of existing practices of governance.

To be able to sustainably interact, participate, and ultimately collaborate in resource limited environments, one has to show one's colors, one's character. Of course, such is only possible in an atmosphere of respect for vested interests that are, while considering existing engagement processes, members and actors as the most appropriate setting under existing circumstances.

In my strive for sustainable progress, I recognize that one's vision - the clear, distinctive and specific view on the future usually connected with advances in technology or social arrangements - is important input in the engagement process. It is this vision that can transmit from one mind to another through speech, writing, behavior, or other imitable phenomena. Taking the concept of memes, the units of cultural ideas thus transmitted are the devices utilized to expedite and affect favorable support in the collective decision making.

Of course, this process can be tough and sometimes disheartening, especially in cross cultural settings. However, when all done in a humble, vulnerable way, is is not difficult be inspired by expressions and interactions that are true, are honorable, beautiful, and of value.